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The Autonomous Non-for-Profit Organization Educational and Research Center "Eurasian Oncology Program" (ANO "EAFO") carries out a large number of scientific and educational and socially oriented Anti-Cancer projects independently and jointly with the Eurasian Federation of Oncology and many other partners in Eight different countries of Eurasia.

Most projects are developed mainly through donations from Cancer Patients (former and current), their relatives and friends.


Your support in any amount will help us work more effectively in at least one of the following areas:

  • Improving Morphological Diagnosis of cancer

  • Support for Young Professionals and Students

  • Assistance to Patients in need

  • Expanding existing Research and Educational projects & Creating New ones


We request You not to stand aside and support our Anti-Cancer & other Socially oriented projects right now!

Donation categories:

  • Pathology Service

  • Support for Young Professionals (targeted Grants for participation in Research and Educational projects, Professional development - Internships, Residency)

  • Assistance to Patients in need (consultations, information support, assistance in case of unavailability of medicines in Russia)

  • Educational Activities

  • Cancer Control in General

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