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EAFO Membership


EAFO's Membership will be launched in 2020 on the eve of 10th year Anniversary of the Organization.

Why you should join EAFO ?

Eurasian Federation of Oncology (EAFO) is an autonomous professional organization uniting oncologists, other healthcare professionals, anti-cancer & anti-tobacco advocates, patients, survivors, journalists, policy makers, oncology & anti-cancer organizations and others interested in combating cancer from all parts of Asia, Europe and beyond. The organization has its focus on long-term initiatives dedicated to the health and well being of cancer patients, cancer survivors, healthy individuals, initiatives that foster innovations, collegiality, cooperation and professional development primarily through educational programs. It involves a diverse geography of speakers and participants covering all continents. Participation in EAFO events is very affordable, even for representatives from developing nations and low-income groups in developed nations thereby making latest knowledge accessible to everyone at an affordable cost.   


What benefits you would reap ?

  • EAFO provides a unique platform for interaction as equals in the field of Oncology & Cancer Control

  • Equal access is given to representatives from any part of the world, for sharing their knowledge and experience, irrespective of institutional affiliation, nationality, caste, religion, financial background or sex. 

  • Special Rates/Exclusive Registration Fee for EAFO Members in all the meetings, forums, conferences organized/partnered by EAFO.

  • Bilingual (English & Russian) translation is provided in most of the events.

  • EAFO offers live transmission of events through the official website for participants and members who are unable to attend any meeting. 

  • EAFO Members can have access to “Members Only” section of the official website including video of presentations from past events

  • Exclusive access to Lectures, Videos, Materials of meeting, Research findings/Data etc., 

Who can apply ?

EAFO's directions & activities caters to various target audiences. Membership is open to the following: 


  • Medical Oncologists

  • Surgical Oncologists

  • Radiation Oncologists

  • Diagnostic & Interventional Radiologists

  • Pathologists,

  • Genetists & Molecular Biologists

  • Basic Researchers

  • Family Physicians

  • Anti-Cancer & Anti-Tobacco Advocates

  • Patients

  • Survivors

  • Policy Makers

  • Journalists  

Pre-Register SOON to avail the exclusive Membership benefits when EAFO's Membership is being launched in 2020 !

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